VELOCITOR High Performance Storage for UNIX and OpenVMS


o  Very high performance controller (24 Mbytes per second), combined with 
   high performance Intelligent Peripheral Interface (IPI) drives, can 
   aggregate over 30 Mbytes per second

o  Can be packaged in configurations with DEC 3000, DEC 4000, and DECstation 
   5000 systems


The power of Digital's Alpha AXP systems has now been matched by the 
performance of the VELOCITOR I/O subsystem. This product combines very fast 
storage controllers and disks to handle the demands of the Alpha AXP systems 
and I/O intensive applications. With controller based disk striping, the 
effects of multiple disks and controllers can be combined to yield a higher 
sustained data rate. This is especially significant in matching the speeds 
that can be obtained with the new Alpha AXP systems.  

The VELOCITOR subsystem is the ideal solution for large streams of data 
where block mode can be employed. Any application doing image processing or 
simply requiring large amounts of data can benefit from this solution. 


o  The very fast data movement of the VELOCITOR subsystem improves 
   performance in database operations that involve retrieval or creation of 
   large amounts of stream data.

o  The VELOCITOR product provides unmatched I/O performance to handle 
   near-realtime applications.

o  It provides disk investment protection when you are using ULTRIX machines 
   today with an intent to migrate to Alpha AXP technology in the future.

o  The VELOCITOR controller provides fast data throughput to prevent I/O 

o  Its single disk performance is the fastest available today.

o  Performance can also be boosted with disk striping.


The VELOCITOR I/O subsystem is available now for TURBOchannel and Futurebus+ 
systems running UNIX (ULTRIX or DEC OSF/1 software); it will be available 
early next month for TURBOchannel and Futurebus+ systems running the OpenVMS 
operating system.

The tabletop offering is available in 3 Gbytes or 6 Gbytes of disk storage, 
while the rackmount offering can be ordered in any disk storage or 
controller quantity required. Each controller can support up to eight IPI 
disk drives. Standard rackmount configurations can be built on a base 
four-drive shelf of 12 Gbytes, with further shelves and drives added as 
required for configurations that can surpass 100 Gbytes. 

Order No.	 Description						    

		 VELOCITOR I/O Subsystem:                                   
2L-RIT01-AA	 3 GB disk drive tabletop enclosure			    
2L-RIT02-AA	 6 GB disk drive tabletop enclosure			    
2L-RITUG-AA	 Add-on tabletop 3 GB disk drive kit			    
2L-RIPR1-AA	 3 GB disk drive rackmount enclosure			    
2L-RIPR4-AA	 12 GB disk drive rackmount enclosure			    
2L-RIPUG-AA	 Add-on rackmount 3 GB disk drive kit			    
2L-RITCL-BA	 IPI TURBOchannel controller, OSF/1 driver, 10 ft cable 
2L-RITCL-BB	 IPI TURBOchannel controller, OpenVMS driver, 10 ft cable
2L-RITCL-BC	 IPI TURBOchannel controller, ULTRIX driver, 10 ft cable
2L-RIACL-BA	 IPI Futurebus+ controller, OSF/1 driver, 10 ft cable
2L-RIACL-BB	 IPI Futurebus+ controller, OpenVMS driver, 10 ft cable


Digital service contracts can be purchased for the VELOCITOR subsystem. 

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