RZ26L High Performance, Low Profile 1.05 GB Disk Drive


o  New SCSI disk offered in  one-inch-high, 3.5 inch form factor

o  15 percent price/performance improvement over RZ26 disk

o  Features new, five year warranty


To meet the need for follow-on products in the same capacity range as 
Digital's RZ26 and RZ26B 1.05 Gbyte disk drives, Digital is introducing the 
RZ26L drive. This one-inch-high, low profile SCSI disk expands the 
performance and price/megabyte curves of the previous generation of Digital 
3.5 inch disks. In addition, its state-of-the-art seek and access times and 
industry standard spindle speed make it Digital's highest performing 
3.5 inch SCSI disk today. The banding technology used provides maximum 
transfer rates (in the 3.5 inch form factor) of up to 5.5 Mbytes per second.

The RZ26L disk comes with a five year warranty (one year of onsite warranty 
and four years of extended, Return-to-Digital warranty), demonstrating 
Digital's higher quality standards and enhanced maintainability standards. 
(See the "Enhanced Storage Warranties Span Up to Five Years" article in this 

Note that the RZ26L drive is not a direct substitute for the RZ26 drive in 
all applications. The RZ26L drive cannot be placed in an existing RZ26 
stripe and/or shadow set. However, a new stripe and/or shadow set can be 
created when all members are RZ26L disk drives.


                                       RZ25L     RZ26      RZ26L     RZ28

Capacity (MBF)			       535	 1050	   1050	     2100
$/MB				       $1.89	 $1.23	   $1.05     $1.16
Height				       1"	 1.6"	   1"	     1.6"
Average Seek Time (ms)		       10.5	 9.5	   9.5	     9.5
Average Access Time (ms)	       16	 15.1	   15.1	     15.1
RPM				       5400	 5400	   5400	     5400
Servo Type			       Ded	 Emb	   Emb	     Emb
Maximum Transfer Rates from Media 
 (Mbytes/sec) 			       2.9-5.2	 3.3	   2.7-5.5   2.7-5.5   
Maximum Bus Bandwidth (MB)	       10 	 10	   10	     10
Buffer Size (KB)		       240	 512	   512	     1024


You can order the RZ26L drive today, with availability in 30 days or less. 

Order No.	 Description						    

		 RZ26L Disk Drive:
RZ26L-EJ	 1.05 GB formatted SCSI disk for DEC 3000 Model 400, 400S, 
                 500, 500S, 500X, 600, 600S, 800, and 800S systems; includes 
                 mounting hardware; factory or field installed
RZ26L-EP	 1.05 GB formatted SCSI disk for DEC 3000 Model 300 and 300L 
                 systems; includes mounting hardware; factory or field 
RZ26L-EK/EN	 1.05 GB formatted SCSI disk for MicroVAX 3100 Model 30, 40, 
                 80, and 90 systems; includes mounting hardware; field 
                 installed/factory installed
RZ26L-VA 	 1.05 GB 3.5 inch disk for StorageWorks systems, mounted in 
		 single 3.5 inch storage building block with snap-in carrier
		 (RZ26L-VA currently supported in BA350 and BA353 
                 StorageWorks shelves on HSJ40 and HSC K.SCSI controllers, 
                 MicroVAX 3100, DEC 3000, DEC 7000, and DEC 10000 systems)
4A-RZ26L-VA	 Spare for all variations of RZ26L disk drive


The RZ26L drive is supported in OpenVMS VAX V6.0 and OpenVMS AXP V1.5. 


Support for the RZ26L disk is planned for the VAXstation 4000 Models 60 and 
90, for DEC 2000 AXP workstations, and for DEC 4000 AXP systems. Future 
software support is planned for the ULTRIX V4.4 and DEC OSF/1 V1.3 operating 


Digital is supporting the RZ26L drive with a complete range of services, 
including (but not limited to) onsite hardware service, telephone 
assistance, installation, and extended warranty programs.  

DECmailer unit exchange is available through the Customer Returns Center 

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