Second Generation StorageWorks Optical Libraries


o  New double capacity RW500 optical libraries and media

o  Over 40 percent reduction in average cost per megabyte when compared with 
   first generation optical libraries


The RW500 optical library family provides low cost, highly reliable 
automated access to large quantities of near-online data in both OpenVMS VAX 
and ULTRIX systems. When combined with DEC Optical Storage Management 
Software V1.1, the RW500 family forms a basis for backup, archiving, 
imaging, and other storage management applications. The RW500 family is also 
compatible with Digital's StorageServer 100 product. 

The new members of the RW500 family are based on 1.2 Gbyte multifunction 
optical drives and utilize the 1.2 Gbyte media listed below. They can also 
read and write first generation RW500 media (in 600 Mbyte mode only). 

The benefits you can expect:

o  The lower cost per megabyte improves your return on investment.
o  The wide range of product meets your varying price/capacity requirements.

For further product information please consult DEC Optical Storage 
Management Software SPD 47.46.XX and StorageServer 100 SPD 41.40.XX.


The new members of the RW500 family are available now. Upgrades from single 
to double density RW500 media will be available shortly.

Order No.	 Description

		 RW500 Jukeboxes and Media:
RW524-ZA	 19 GB(f) single drive jukebox
RW530-ZC	 38 GB(f) dual drive jukebox
RW534-ZF	 104 GB(f) four drive jukebox
RW536-ZF	 170 GB(f) four drive jukebox
RWX5K-01	 1.2 GB 5.25 inch rewritable media			    
RWX5K-02	 1.2 GB 5.25 inch CCW WORM media