RZ73 Removable SCSI Disk


o  Easy removal and transportation of critical data, allowing for data 
   security and interchange with current family of removable SCSI disks

o  Extremely high I/O throughput rates and high level of data integrity 


The specially designed removable SCSI disk is packaged in easily 
transportable canisters, enabling sensitive data to be physically removed 
from the system and then stored accordingly (for example, in a safe or 
locked, secured area). It ensures the highest levels of data 


o  Fast, high performance disk drives.

o  The advantages of the Digital Storage Architecture (DSA), which means 
   compatibility across evolving technology and unprecedented investment 

o  The same features and functionalities as the fixed version of the RZ73 

o  A built-in spindown interlock, which prevents the disk from being removed 
   until it has spun down completely.


The RZ73 removable SCSI disk is available now.

Order No.        Description

RZ73R-KA  	 RZ73-RA disk with 19" rack   
RZ73-RA		 RZ73 disk in canister   


The RZ73R-KA and RZ73-RA disks are fully supported by Digital in the United 


The dual host capability of the removable SCSI disks allows for higher 
availability. Also, you can increase your throughput incrementally by 
installing additional removable SCSI disks. There are currently three 
supported ways to connect them: 

o  Direct native SCSI connection.
o  Q-bus connection (KZQSA).
o  TURBOchannel to SCSI adapter.

The RZ73-RA disk will be a direct replacement for the current RZ56-RA and 
RZ57-RA removable SCSI products.

Hardware support: 

o  DEC 3000 Models 400 and 500						    

Software support:

o  OpenVMS AXP V1.5                   

RZxx SCSI Product Comparison

The SCSI family of removable storage products provides Digital systems with 
a wide range of functionality and packaging flexibility. Following is a 
summary of the 5.25 inch SCSI fixed disks:

                         RZ55      RZ56      RZ57      RZ58      RZ73    
Form factor (inches)	 5.25  	   5.25      5.25      5.25    	 5.25
Capacity (MB) 		 332       665       1000      1380      2000
Transfer rate (MB/sec) 	 1.25      1.87      2.2       3.75      2.7
Seek time (Msec) 	 16        16        14.5      12.5    	 <14.0
Access time (Msec) 	 24        24        <23       18.1    	 <22.3