EZ5x High-Performance SCSI-2 Solid State Disks


o  Fast I/O to enhance SCSI-based system performance

o  Plugs and plays like magnetic disk into StorageWorks BA350 shelves

o  OSF/1 support will open the technology to UNIX users


The EZ5x family of solid state disks extends the power and performance of 
the technology to encompass SCSI-based systems.  Solid state disks use the 
speed of DRAMs (the storage media) to provide the fastest access to storage 
subsystem data by eliminating the latency inherent with magnetic disk.  
Offering an access time of less than 1 millisecond, EZ5x solid state disks 
maximize system utilization by balancing the power of the processor with 
high performance I/O. 

The EZ5x models are based on a standard 5.25 inch, full-height form factor 
and include the 107 Mbyte EZ51R disk and 428 Mbyte EZ54R disk.  Both models 
employ leading-edge error correction code schemes based on patented 
technology and integrated data retention systems to provide the highest 
availability. Also, they both perform 800 I/O operations per second. 

The EZ5x products are available as StorageWorks Building Blocks and "plug 
and play" into the StorageWorks BA350 shelf.  The BA350 shelf is a modular 
component of the BA350 Deskside Expansion Unit, the SW500/800 Datacenter 
cabinets, DEC 7000 AXP and DEC 10000 AXP CPU cabinets, and HSC I/O servers.

Initially, the EZ5x drives will support DEC 7000 AXP and DEC 10000 AXP 
systems through the KZMSA (XMI-to-SCSI) controller.  KZMSA, HSJ40, and HSC 
Channel Card (HSC9X-SX) compliance testing is underway and when completed 
will verify EZ5x support for VAX systems and clusters. 

The EZ51R and EZ54R drives both incorporate a unique, fully integrated data 
retention system (batteries and hard drive) with continuous backup as a 
standard feature. This system assures data protection if power is lost.  The 
continuous backup feature constantly updates the internal hard drive to best 
mirror the contents of the DRAMs.  This approach conserves battery power, 
reduces backup time to less than 1.5 minutes, and affords virtually an 
unlimited number of offload and restore cycles without impacting the device 
I/O performance.

The EZ5x solid state disks, like the ESE50 (SDI) and EF5x (DSSI) solid state 
disks, are priced to support a wide range of environments and are 
particularly suited for distributed applications.


o  Plug and Play packaging -- The EZ5x-VA variants are packaged as a 
   StorageWorks building block for easy installation into StorageWorks and 
   HSC cabinets.  Separate, proprietary cabinets are not required. 

o  Leadership prices -- The EZ5x pricing is very competitive on all models. 

o  Higher performance -- Due to its native SCSI interface, the EZ5x drive 
   can execute in excess of 800 I/O requests per second (CPU, application, 
   and workload dependent).

o  Integrated Data Retention System  -- Standard with the EZ51R and EZ54R 
   drives (sophisticated voltage sensing logic, batteries, and a Winchester 
   hard drive), a valuable attribute compared to devices implementing 
   batteries alone to provide temporary non-volatility.


The EZ5x disks are available now. All of the packages include the data 
retention system, user documentation, and field installation.

Order No.        Description

EZ51R-VA	 107 Mbyte SCSI solid state disk StorageWorks building block
EZ54R-VA	 428 Mbyte SCSI solid state disk StorageWorks building block
EZ51R-AA (*)	 107 Mbyte SCSI solid state disk
EZ54R-AA (*)	 428 Mbyte SCSI solid state disk

(*) The "AA" variants are supplied as a "brick only" for integration into 
    non-Digital systems able to accept 5.25-inch, full-height SCSI storage 
    devices.  No mounting hardware or cabling is included.