RZ28 3.5-Inch, 2.1 Gbyte Drive


o  SCSI disk with 2.1 Gbytes capacity, in a 3.5-inch form factor

o  9.5-millisecond average seek; 15.1-millisecond average access time


The RZ28 SCSI disk drive offers twice the capacity of Digital's current 
3.5-inch RZ26 drive, at the same cost per megabyte. While it maintains the 
same state-of-the-art seek and access times and industry-standard spindle 
speed, it offers transfer rates up to 4.9 Mbytes per second.  The RZ28 drive 
provides a bulk storage solution and complements the RZ26 product, which can 
offer high multiple-spindle performance. In addition, the RZ28 drive 
provides an excellent solution for large data-transfer applications.


o  2.1 Gbytes formatted capacity in a 3.5-inch SCSI-2 Winchester disk drive.
o  Banding technology that provides maximum transfer rates in a 3.5-inch 
   form factor of up to 4.9 Mbytes per second.
o  Unique 1,024 Kbyte segmented cache buffer that maximizes the cache hit 
   rate for sequential read streams, while minimizing impact on cached data.


The RZ28 disk drive is available now. 

Order No.        Description

RZ28-E*		 2.1 Gbyte formatted SCSI disk drive, mounting hardware, 
                 factory or field installation
RZ28-VA  	 2.1 Gbyte 3.5-inch disk, mounted in single 3.5-inch storage 
                 building block with snap-in carrier


Hardware Support:

o  RZ28-E* -- DEC 3000 Models 400, 400s, 500, 500s, and 500x
o  RZ28-VA -- DEC 3000 AXP Models 300, 400, 500, 500s, and 500x

Software Support:

o  OpenVMS AXP 1.5
o  OpenVMS VAX 5.5-2 systems, DEC OSF/1, and ULTRIX support is planned


Digital Services will support the RZ28 drive with its complete range of 
service products.  This includes (but is not limited to) onsite hardware 
service, telephone assistance, installation, and extended warranty programs.