StorageWorks Products for VAX and Alpha Systems


o  New StorageWorks products are available on VAX and Alpha systems, 
   including an array controller, disk drives, and tape auto loader 


Several new StorageWorks products are available to complement the 
performance and capacity requirements for Digital's powerful new VAX and 
Alpha systems. This article provides an overview of each new product. Refer 
to other articles in this issue for more detailed information. 

New StorageWorks Products

HSJ40 array controller -- A new CI controller that lets your current cluster 
work with a broad range of SCSI-2 devices. The HSJ40 controller is packaged 
into StorageWorks building block shelves and preconfigured into two 
StorageWorks datacenter cabinets, the SW800 and SW500. The HSJ40 array 
controller fits into existing clusters that include VAX computers and the 
DEC 7000 and 10000 workstations. 

RZ28 disk drive -- This new 3.5" SCSI disk drive has 2.1 gigabyte formatted 
capacity, available in StorageWorks packaging.  The RZ28 disk drive offers 
state-of-the-art seek and access times,  and provides maximum transfer rates 
of up to 4.9 megabytes per second. The RZ28 disk drive is supported today on 
the HSJ40 array controller and DEC 3000 workstation. This drive is supported 
by the OpenVMS VAX 5.5-2 and OpenVMS AXP V 1.5 operating systems. 

HSC-SCSI packages --  New HSC-SCSI packages contain the recently announced 
RZ74 disk drive. These new packages are modeled after the RZ26 packages 
and include all the components required to attach RZ74 storage to HSC-SCSI 
configurations. Each package is discounted by five percent and fits into 
existing or new clusters. 

EZ5x Solid State Disks -- The EZ5x family of solid state disks is now 
available on SCSI-based systems. The new EZ5x disks include the 107 megabyte 
EZ51R and the 428 megabyte EZ54R.  The EZ5x products are based on a 5.25" 
form factor and run under OpenVMS AXP V1.5 and OpenVMS VAX V5.5-2 operating 
systems. They are supported on systems that use the HSJ40 array controller 
and HSC-SCSI device technologies and on DEC 7000 and 10000 systems.

TLZ6L autoloader -- This new tape subsystem is fully compatible with the 
TLZ06 digital audio tape drive.  It is an excellent, cost-effective solution 
for backup, archiving, and data interchange on entry-level and midrange 
systems.  With a capacity of four gigabytes per cartridge, the TLZ6L 
autoloader can provide 16 to 48 gigabytes of unattended system backup. It is 
supported on the MicroVAX 3100 Models 30, 40, 80, and 90 computers and runs 
on the OpenVMS VAX V5.5-2 operating system.

BA353 Desktop Enclosure -- This StorageWorks enclosure, which accommodates 
three disk drives, has undergone a major system qualification effort.  The 
complete list of systems that can now use this enclosure include: 

o  VAXstation 4000 VLC and VAXstation 4000 Models 60 and 90 

o  DEC 3000 AXP workstation Models 300, 300L, 400, 400S, 500, 500S, and 500X

o  DEC 5000 AXP workstation Models 20, 25, 33, 50, 120, 125, 133, 150, 200, 
   240, and 260